Welcome to the Playground!

At B52 we believe in creating brilliant experiences through collaboration. Our ethos is to involve our community.

We have been busy building a seamless crypto and fiat experience in a beautifully designed app. We want to open the doors to our community members to share their feedback as we built The Any Asset Experience.

The Playground Experience allows you to see first hand The Any Asset Experience, provide feedback and shape your future bank.

In the Playground you will be able to:


Pay with crypto or fiat

Any asset banking, where customer choice is at the heart of payments. Seamless payments via fiat, crypto or any other asset, online or in-store with their mobile phone, debit or credit card. With B52, customers will finally have a bank that understands this need for choice and encourages new ways of banking.


View your total asset balance in fiat and crypto

A true overview of all assets, the B52 app allows customers to hold and view fiat, crypto and any other assets, such as tokens or digital property. What sets B52 apart, is B52’s ability to process these assets, in one account held by the customer.


In-depth spend analysis

A trusted financial advisor, we provide personalized financial advice and services. With a mixture of core banking functionality, playful nudges, and personalized offers, B52 ensures customers have an optimized experience across all assets.

The B52 solution is a first-of-its-kind, contrasting with other banks, most of which inhibit the engagement of user and cryptocurrency assets along fiat. The mixing of assets goes well beyond the scope of traditional banking, putting B52 very well placed to live up to the claim of being “Number one in a field of one”

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