Helping B52 ‘make digital personal’

Bank52 is proud to announce the partnership with Meniga Ltd, whose innovation platform will enable B52 to enrich the digital and crypto banking customer experience, delivering engagement metrics that rival leading social media platforms. The company supports Bank52 in setting up the complete infrastructure to deliver new revenue streams, including from card-linked offers, instant payments, crypto payments, and client data analytics solutions.

Meniga help financial institutions worldwide utilize their data to personalize digital channels and drive customer engagement. The company is already serving over 50 million digital banking users across 23 countries, helping to make, ‘Digital banking personal.’

Some of the largest and most innovative banks in the world have chosen Meniga to partner them, helping to boost the company to being the largest white-label personalized digital banking software provider in Europe. The Meniga mission is to help financial institutions develop data-driven financial services and new innovative business models.

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