From holidays to lard and cheese

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As a co- founder of Bank B52, Thomas Labenbacher lives and breathes hybrid banking. When it comes to collecting stories from around the banking world he is a veritable magpie, and here’s the latest tale to catch his eye. Next stop, Ukraine…

From holidays to lard and cheese

In a small village in Ukraine, all residents are now owners of cryptocurrency, thanks to an initiative by the head of the village council. Cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and ether, can also be used in the village to purchase items such as eggs, lard, meat, and milk.

At a recent village council meeting, local deputies decided to allow the chairman of the council, Maxim Golosnoy, “To carry out operations with cryptocurrency in the interests of the territorial community without attracting budgetary funds.” The village is now the first in Ukraine where the residents have become owners of digital currency.

How does this compare with the B52 vision? Thomas comments:

“B52 empowers everyone to manage their assets, crypto and fiat likewise, to spend and transact how they want and help spread wealth to the rest of the world. After registering for a B52 account in 5 minutes, customers can start aggregating their assets into the account and start transacting. Any asset can be used for any banking service, real-time banking, budgeting, share invoices, payments and many other services.”

So whether you want a fancy holiday or a kilo of lard, B52 makes transactions simple, and seamless. 

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