Complete data governance in real time


Bank52 is partnered by Braintribe GmbH which is supplying its Firestarter smart data engine for any and every data request. – From Big Data to Smart Data Firestarter supports the right people and systems at the right time with the right data.


Through integrating, translating and normalizing any kind of data, Firestarter makes it executable, extensible and expressive. This means that all data needs for B52 systems will be governed in real-time, picking up the data, delivering it to the right system, and encompassing virtualization, modelling, data quality, data lineage, data governance, data enrichment from internet sources, and – last but not least – preparation of the data for consumption.


Braintribe has the stated vision of creating the open source operating system for data, and ‘Enabling a world of data democracy and mass innovation.’ Put another way, the company provides the foundational technology for a connected world.

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