Any asset in any banking transaction,
tailored exactly to the needs of the client

“The any
asset bank”


Number one in a field of one


The new bank uniting digital
and crypto banking for everyone

We are establishing the world’s first bank which allows regulated access to blockchain-based banking with any assets / currencies – an ecosystem which creates collaboration, services, smart data and network effects.


Blockchain-based banking
with any assets/currencies

The Crypto Community is disconnected from basic banking services. On the other hand, traditional banking users are interested as never before in cryptocurrencies. That’s why we will establish ‘The Any Asset Bank’ that allows regulated access to blockchain-based, open banking with any assets & currencies.


An entirely new banking category

Crypto Banking – cryptocurrency backed banking services
Digital Banking – traditional banking made digital
Hybrid Banking – banking services with any assets
Tokenized Banking – asset backed financing services


The B52 business model: Predictive,
Exponential, Profitable and compliant

B52 will operate on a banking business model consisting of fee income, interest income and service income, generated through selling financial services, and ancillary services on the platform.


Leverage blockchain/crypto technology

The technological core is represented by the blockchain-based, distributed ledger infrastructure – ‘DLT Digital Banking’ based on a regular 24/7 Core Banking System. All core modules, scoring, data management & reporting, DMS systems, as well as Partner Software and Client Interaction Systems are connected via the Core Banking API and Orchestration API in real-time.


Fully compliant from Day One

B52 is in the process of acquiring an existing European Bank, fully licensed under the European Banking law. In addition, the B52 founders are highly experience C-level bankers who have all the necessary entitlements and required skills to run and own a European Bank.

The B52 Financial Ecosystem allows multiple participants: content producers, service providers, publishers and consumers to connect to it, interact with each other, and create value and exchange value. B52 turns itself into a distributor and marketplace.

Digitization will change banking
Cryptocurrencies will eventually replace banks and existing financial systems by eliminating intermediaries
The Blockchain will revolutionize the banking industry.
Tokenization of proven assets supports easy access to capital.

The Team

With unrivalled experience as C-level global fintech & blockchain captains and influencers
Thomas Labenbacher

Thomas Labenbacher

Thomas was co-founder of the Fidor Bank Group entities, is Partner in Life.SREDA Venture Capital Blockchain Fund, and former Retail Managing Director of Western Union Bank. He is a believer in digitization and is revolutionary in transforming traditional banking into digital / crypto banking. Thomas has been named a Top 30 FinTech influencer.

Robert Böhm

Robert Böhm

Robert Böhm was Vice-Chairman of the Austrian Institute of Technology, and Deputy minister of Transportation, Innovation and Technology. He is a specialist in prosperous international affairs, with a specific focus on finance and technology. Robert’s network of senior government minister and banking officials across Europe is unparalleled, and of great value to the creation of B52.

Martin Melkowitsch

Martin Melkowitsch

Martin was COO/CTO at Raiffeisen Informatik, and COO with Raiffeisen Bank, and Volksbank Hungary. He is a delivery focused C-level manager with extensive international experience. He is B52’s Ambassador for digital transformation, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and is actively working with software partners, so that many B52 systems will be ready to roll from December 2018.

Our Partners

LANSKY, GANZER + partner



The B52 Roadmap is detailed and comprehensive, with the development of the concept in June 2017, and significant steps are already taken, including due diligence on appropriate bank targets, and very significant progress made with the technology base on which the new bank will be built. The Roadmap continues through the STO and launch of the bank, up to the implementation of the full product offering, and the establishment of B52 in a second European country by mid-2019.

June 2017

January 2018

  • Concept developed
  • Bank Targets selection started
  • Legal Setup defined
  • Technology Roadmap designed

February 2018

  • Investment Needs defined
  • Playbook "How to" delivered
  • Seed Investment secured
  • Funding Roadmap

March 2018

  • Bank Targets short list
  • Marketing Operations team hired
  • IT Provider contracting
  • Tech Team hired

April 2018

  • Due Diligence with Bank Targets
  • Strategic Investment talks kicked off (Bank Acquisition)
  • B52 Key People hiring
  • 1st Marketing Actions

May 2018

  • Product Roadmap (PoC/MVP) aligned
  • Employee Participation Program created
  • IT Requirements (based on bank) drafted
  • Website and Communication live

June 2018

  • PoC/Customer Wallet Development
  • Strategic Investor talks started
  • Term Sheets with Target Banks
  • Preparation Security Token Application

July 2018

  • MoU Bank Target
  • Roadshow starts in Europe
  • Application for Security Token
  • PoC testing

August 2018

  • Initiate Target Bank purchase
  • IT Layer/API Development
  • PoC Public Launch
  • Select Strategive Investors (close round)

September 2018

  • Formal Approval Process with Authorities
  • Retail Product Enrolment Plan sign-off
  • Bank Integration starts
  • Human Resource Plan - Hiring

November 2018

December 2018

  • Roadshow Security Token Offering
  • Budget Allocation & Planning
  • Finalize Bank Acquisition Process
  • 1st MVP Customer Testing

January 2019

March 2019

  • Retail Product Portfolio Launch
  • API Marketplace
  • Security Token Offering made public
  • FinTech-Invitation building Ecosystem

April 2019

June 2019

  • SME Banking Marketplace
  • Live in a 2nd European Country
  • Continuous IT Disruption (Partner & Proprietary)
  • Preparation for further Expansion